What are the specifications of stainless steel pipe?--tube mill

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   What are the specifications of stainless steel pipe?--          tube mill          


As a general rule, when we receive a new inquiry about tube mill, we will ask the customer what’s the range of the pipe diameter and the thickness you need to produce. But for a newcomer, who want to invest the stainless steel pipe industry, maybe he or she have no idea about the specifications of stainless steel pipe. Now, let’s introduce the the specifications of stainless steel pipe for you :

Round pipe specifications: φ9.5、φ12.7、φ15.9、φ19、φ22.2、φ25.4、φ31.8、φ50.8、φ63.5、φ76.2

Square pipe specifications: F12.7*12.7、F15*15、F20*20、F25*25、F30*30、F40*40、F50*50、F60*60

Rectangle pipe specifications: F20*10、F25*13、F30*15、F38*25、F50*25、F75*45

Choose different types of stainless steel tube mill, we should according to the production of the specifications of the pipe model and decision.   




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