Stainless steel pipe roller mould

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Why do we need high quality welded pipe roller mould ? what is the stainless steel pipe mould in the production process of stainless steel pipe to play a positive role in it ?

The quality of stainless steel welded pipe determines the quality of the pipe ,which is not false .Foshan YXH Tube Mill &Mould Co.,Ltd is focus on the production of stainless steel welded pipe mould for 15 years.

stianless steel pipe roller mould

YXH is import COPRA Germany Design software for cold roller forming design software. And it uses US CNC machining center , named HURCO and laser printer to improve Roller’s precision.

YXH pipe roller mould raw material is not only use Cr12Mov ,but also SKD11 and D2. Raw material are produced by Refining furnace :high purity ,high density ,wear resistant.

If you want to buy some high qualityPipe Roller Mould ,welcome to YXH . If you are interesting in our stainless steel pipe roller mould ,please contact with us .Thanks.


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