Different between YXH and other companies pipe roller

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What is the different between YXH and other companies’ Pipe Roller? Why more and more people will choose YXH pipe roller ?

Firstly, raw material different, YXH will according to the actual needs of customers, to provide customers with different options. Cr12Mov , SKD11, D2 form DAYE SPECIAL STEEL CO., LTD and raw material are produced by refining furnace: high purity ,high density, wear resistant.

stianless steel pipe roller

Secondly, heat treatment different. YXH heat treatment is vacuum Gas quenching and subzero heat treatment.

Last but not least, Hardness different. YXH pipe roller hardness is 63-65. It can improve the useful life of the pipe 10-12 years.

Why more people choose YXH Pipe Roller ,just because YXH can benefit for customers ,and ss pipes are without less marking .



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