Tooling of stainless steel tube mill

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                                                  Tooling of stainless steel tube mill

                                                                                                                               ----YXH is the rational choose

     Many customers purchase stainless steel pipe tooling, the first reaction is Quality. A set of stainless steel 

welded pipe mold craft level, according to the production process. YXH welded pipe rolls production process:


     The technology of YXH weld pipe mold can be said to reflect in all aspects of the process of welded pipe.

       And the advantages of YXH Tooling:


   Nowadays, In FoShan, have many different brands of weld pipe mold, and the price is endless also and same.

How to choose customized stainless steel welded pipe mold? Welcome to FoShan YXH, have a view of the

production process, you will have the answer.

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