Automatic pipe mill for decorative tube

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How to produce a decorative tube ? Maybe you can use automatic pipe mill ,and do you know more about this pipe mill we mention? Today YXH take you to know more automatic pipe mill for decorative tubes.

YXH stainless steel automatic pipe mill can produce more decorative tubes ,such as , Furniture industry: steel table tubes ,steel chair tubes ,steel bed tubes . Construction industry: steel guardrail ,steel handrail and steel window. Public facility industry : Flagpole ,outdoor sports equipment, bus and metro handrail etc.

Automatic pipe mill for decortive tube

YXH pipe mill machine useful life is more than 10years by the practice, after-sale service is easy available within 24 hours, Our tube mill machine exported to 30 countries and regions all over the world. If you want to know more information ,welcome to contact with us .








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