SS pipe manufacturing machine in china: Plant area?

Writer:Sukey HoSource:Tube Mill YXH Number of visits: Date:2017-05-16

SS pipe manufacturing machine in china: How much of the plant area for produce stainless steel pipe? This problem will worry investors. For investors, money is the primary, workshop is necessary. After all, what's the area of factory need?

SS pipe manufacturing machine in china

YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co.,LTD. will give the professional suggestion. To produce stainless steel pipes, plant must be at least 30 meters long, welded pipe machinery installation need about 20 meters. Polishing machine with tube machine placed side by side. In addition , need to reserve the place for steel strip and semi-finished products. The area of the factory need at least 500 square meters.

We according to the customer's actual need to formulate corresponding factory plan.