Metal slitting line for stainless steel

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Metal slitting line for stainless steel,this line is used to shear steel coil longitudinally , and winding the slitted strips in coils . It mainly includes coil loading car ,uncoiler, coil guide ,slitting machine ,scrap winder ,tension unit ,recoiler and coil unloading car , hydraulic system, electric control system, etc.

If you want to buy some steel coil slitting machine ,you must know that ,coil material has cold and hot rolled steel , coil thickness is 0.2-4.0mm ,coil width is 650-2200mm, coil maximum weight will depend on what kinds of slitting machine you get.

Metal slitting line installation for the user’s reference ,plant size details please see layout drawing , to estimate area needed for slitting machine , line foundation drawing will be provided by manufacturer , the used should build the available foundation according the drawing .

Sheet Metal Strip Slitting Line Machine

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