Automatic tube pipe polishing machine

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Stainless steel automatic tube or pipe polishing machine is mainly for grinding steel pipe surface and polishing quality is up to mirror effect. It can polish pipe or tube in different shape ,especially for round pipe ,square pipe , rectangular pipe and so on .

Automatic tube or pipe polishing machine have different type ,round pipe polishing machine and square tube polishing machine . Normally , round pipe polishing machine has 8 head ,10 head or customized , and square tube polishing machine has 32 head ,36 head or customized.

pipe polishing machine

Automatic pipe polishing machine is very simple structure, electric control ,easily operate, low failure rate. Operating by rubber wheel ,high speed , favorable effect. frequency conversion , girnding shaft do high temperature heating treatment with duplex bearing ,high efficiency.

Our Pipe polishing machine can be customized according to special pipe specification. If you want to know more , please do not hesitate to contact with us . fsyxh@tubemakingmachine.com .