SS pipe embossing machine

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SS pipe embossing machine also call rotary swaging machine , it is not only suitable for stainless steel pipe ,but also for iron , copper ,aluminum pipe .

SS pipe embossing machine use of foreign advanced technology , stainless steel for a variety of processing flat flowers, round  flowers ,big flowers, craft flowers, eggsand flowers etc. Machinable the scope of the diameter 12-114mm, thickness 0.3-2.5mm.

How to choose the pipe or tube embossing machine? you must give us more following details: max outside diameter, wall thickness range, the pipe material and the drawings if possible.

 pipe embossing machine

What’s the flowers pipe application? Stair railing ,balcony , handrail ,fence rails ,lamps ,furniture, lighting fields, processed table and chairs, foot of the bed, lamp posts, sporting goods , metal processing industries, components of bicycle , fishing rods, decorative pipes ,and so on.




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