Welded tube mill production line characteristic

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What’s the welded tube mill production line characteristic? If you want to buy some tube mill machine to produce some tubes , you must know more about line characteristic.

Steel belt automatic positioning feeding and the mold center to keep in line. All the mold automatic positioning , easy adjustment, to achieve rapid die change.

The vertical support is equipped with digital display device, the spindle adjustment and parallelism can be digital display, operation is very convenient. YXH mold adopts reasonable design, precision processing , vacuum quenching and surface hardening treatment, mold useful life can be extended by 1-2times.

tube mill  line

The electronic control system high degree of automation ,and it can realize one button operation. Cutting machine on-line cutting speed is controlled by PLC programming , and can be consistent with the tube speed , cutting size accuracy can be controlled within 1mm.

More understanding of welded tube mill production line manufacturing equipment , more confident in choosing the right time to choose the own equipment.

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