Steel coil slitting machine purchase tips

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Steel coil slitting machine are supplied to cold rolling and pipe welding factories and it can be also applied to other industrial field which connect to the metal material.

If you want to buy some steel coil slitting machines , you just provide some basic parameter, and then we can offer a slitting machine for you .

(1)Material of the steel coil

(2)The thickness of the sheet

(3)The width the steel coil

(4)The original coil inner diameter

(5)The original coil outer diameter

(6)The maximum weight of one original coil

(7)The maximum slitting strips quantity

(8)The minimum width of the slitting strip

(9)The output coil inner diameter

(10)The output coil outer diameter

(11)The maximum weight of output coil

(12)Slitting machine speed requirements

(13)Production output, daily output, monthly output

steel coil slitting machine

Steel coil slitting machine is usually be customized according to customer’s requirements ,As long as you provide parameters and requirements for us ,and then we designed for you a suitable machinery equipment scheme.