Pipe Roller is important for tube mill

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What is pipe roller? Do you know how to use it ? For tube mill ,pipe roller is also important ? The answer is right.


Pipe rollers are available: round pipe rollers, square pipe rollers, rectangular pipe rollers, quincunx section bar roller, oval pipe rollers ,fan-shaped pipe rollers, and octagonal pipe roller, different rollers may satisfy demands of client.


Pipe rollers are used to make stainless steel section bar, or with material other than stainless steel , such as copper, aluminum, or iron. Pipe rollers are all made of wearable quality steel material for rollers such as Cr12Mov, SKD11 and D2 ,processed with high precise numerical control devices, and special heat treatments. With high precision and hardness as high as HRC63-65. It is benefit for customers, just because ss pipes are without less making .

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