Better quality comparison in ss pipe making machine india vs china

Writer:yanSource:Tube Mill YXH Number of visits: Date:2016-11-22

How to choose ss pipe making machine ? what’s ss pipe machine different between china and india ? As an investor, how to comparison pipe making machine quality between india and china?


More than 20 years ago ,china is beginning to produce ss pipe making machine line .not only product tube mill machine ,but also produce pipe polishing machine , pipe embossing machine, slitting machine ,pipe roller and some important for tube mill line .

With the opening up of the trade ,india investor buy some stainless steel pipe making machine from china ,and began to imitation china technology. Startdesign local pipe making machine brand .


For china ,many tube mill line manufacturer concepts of “Specialization, high quality and perfect workmanship”, form the design, the purchase of raw materials ,production process and quality inspections to assure the tube mill quality.