Automatic steel tube making machine for sale

Writer:yanSource:Tube Mill YXH Number of visits: Date:2017-07-06

A:I want to start automatic steel tube plant in our country , but I have no idea about the process stainless steel tube making machine , could you send me Professional planning program?

B:Thanks for you inquiry and we are 15 years specializing in manufacturing automatic steel tube making machine ,and could you tell me what’s the tube material ,carbon steel or stainless steel ? what’s the tube thickness ,tube diameter? And what about the tube usage ,such as furniture ,hand railing , building construction ,etc?

A:I want to produce steel tube , 0.5 to 2 inch and pipe thickness up to 2mm max.

B:By the way, could you please tell me your name and contact information , that we can contact with you asap?

A:Nothing is ready but it is final to start stainless steel tube mill manufacturing .

B:OK, do you have whatsapp or skype ,I will send you more detail that what you want.

A:My number is XXX, and I want to know process and tools used to manufacture tubes , do you have some good idea?

B:Thanks for you reply! We will give you more detail for stainless steel tube machine that you can know more ,thanks for you advice .

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