Tube mill machine to make ss pipe

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What’s the tube mill machine to make ss pipe price? If you want to know tube mill machine price , can you send us more detail about the ss pipe machine ?

What’s the pipe diameter and thickness? YXH tube mill machine can produce ss pipe diameter :6-114mm(0.23inch to 4.5 inch),pipe thickness :0.2-3.0mm, it not only can produce round pipe ,but also square pipe ,rectangle pipe , oval pipe and other irregular pipe as well.

Then we must more that how many tons do you want to produce per month? And by this information ,we can know that our tube mill machine is really suitable for you .

What about the pipe application? Such as furniture , hand railing , building construction , or sending liquid ,sanitary etc? Depend on pipe usage ,we know that you need decorative pipe machine or industrial tube machine.

tube mill machine

If you want to buy tube mill machine to make ss pipe , how many details do you know and is your workshop ready? Is the size of the factory really ample?

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