Stainless steel tube mill: the cost performance for steel tube and seamless pipe

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Stainless steel tube mill: the cost performance for steel tube and seamless pipe 

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Senior industry analysts pointed out: Due to the mature of stainless steel welded pipe, in many areas it has been replaced by seamless tube, such as brewery, petroleum, foodstuff, automobile, papermaking, air conditioner industry.

Why more and more manufacturers choose stainless steel welded steel pipe? This depends on the characteristics and advantages of the stainless steel welded pipe.

1.Coverage area

The wall thickness of stainless steel welded pipe is relatively thin, which can achieve large diameter small wall thickness and small diameter small wall thickness.

2.The average and concentricity of ss welded tubes

In the process of seamless pipe tie-making, the factors such as equipment precision influence, and there is a problem with the average and concentricity of the thickness. But roundness is better than welded tube.


The average quality of stainless steel welded pipe, appearance quality, expansion tube performance, bending, pier head performance is better


Stainless steel pipe is cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

5.Bearing capacity

Same specification, the stainless steel seamless tube accepts the pressure more than the welded pipe.

This is why more and more people invest in stainless steel tube mill. Tell us what you need, we can tailor the plan for you!

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