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What’s thetube mill produce ? Pipe machine according to the different materials ,divided into stainless steel ,iron ,copper, aluminum and so on ,today we mainly introduce stainless steel tube mill machine .

Stainless steel pipe is used in different parts ,generally divided into decorative tube mill , industrial pipe mill , galvanized pipe making machine ,iron tube making machine .As decorative stainless steel pipe is widely used ,so we much know more , how is the tube mill produce ?

Decorative tube mill production process: decoiler , marking , forming , welding, grinding , sizing , straightening , length fixed, cutting , unloading . Tube mill machine mainly produces stainless steel pipe used for decoration such as furniture, hand railing ,household etc appliance, etc.

tube mill machine

Decorative tube mill machine not only can make round pipe ,but also square pipe ,rectangle pipe ,oval pipe and other irregular. If you want to buy good quality decorative tube mill machine ,welcome to china ,welcome to YXH Tube Mill&Mould Co.,Ltd .








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