What are the equipment and tools for the factory?

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What are the equipment and tools for the factory?

In recent times, the ups and downs of the stainless steel market have unsettled many investors, and many businesses have been looking at the merchants to ask what devices and tools are needed to open a tube factory. Today, let's help you analyze what equipment and tools are available for the tube factory.

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Firstly, the equipment must be needed. The equipment that produces the pipe material is called the stainless steel pipe machine, also known as the stainless steel pipe welding machine. There are different models of the model, depending on the specifications of the pipe, how many devices will be purchased, which will require investors to set the direction of the factory in the early stage.

Secondly, after the basic control equipment is determined, there are some matching equipment to purchase. If you are producing decorative tubes, you need to configure the stainless steel tube polishing machine, which is mainly to polish the outer surface of the tube to make the tube bright and beautiful. If you are the production industrial use tube, according to the requirements of the pipe, match the online weld leveling equipment, online bright annealing equipment, turbine flaw tester and so on, so that the pipe can meet the industrial requirements. There is also a need to configure spot welder to connect the steel belt lead and the steel belt tail, so that the equipment can be continuously produced.

Of course, the plant is required. How to plan the plant is an important question? The direction of the machine table, the direction of the sink, the push of the electric cabinet, the electric box, the control of the air compressor, the use of argon, the use of nitrogen, the layout of the warehouse, etc. The series of problems need to be rationally planned. We can help you plan the plant to maximize the utilization rate and save you unnecessary investment, according to your requirements and the number of purchase machines.

There are many other details to note, we have professional technical engineers, can answer industry related questions for you.

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