How to set up ss tube mill plant

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        “I want to set up ss tube mill plant in my country city” how can we prepare? Do you stand by your tube mill plant?

For setting up one ss tube mill plant ,you must know that What is the size of the workshop? Is the length, width, height of the plant satisfactory?

What’s the pipe you want to produce? Stainless steel pipe or carbon steel pipe ? what’s the pipe application? For industrial or decorative ,such as furniture tubes, construction tubes, public facility tubes ?

ss tube mill plant

And according to your requirement we will give you the installation chart .Foshan YXH Tube Mill&Mould Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer in ss tube mill machine for 17years.if you want to know more stainless steel tube mill ,don’t be Hesitate contact with us. Fsyxh4@tubemakingmachine.com




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