Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe Application

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Stainless steel decorative tubes are widely used in our daily life .Do you know how to make stainless steel decorative pipe ?and what’s the main application of decorative pipe

Stainless steel decorative pipes is mainly used in furniture industry ,for exempla steel table tubes , steel chair tubes ,steel bed tubes ,steel towel racks.

It also used in construction industry ,such as steel guardrail, steel door, stail handrail ,steel windows, curtain rail ,fence, chimney.

Last but not least, is used in public facility industry, flagpoles ,outdoor sports equipment , bus and metro handrails .

decorative ss pipe application

How to produce a good ss decorative pipe ,you must choose the right stainless steel tube mill machine ,if you want to know more ,welcome to Foshan YXH Tube Mill&Mould Co.,Ltd.