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YXH are supplier for comprehensive and experienced service to more than 30 countries customer,  if you want to know more tube mill machine ,don’t worry even if you are a start up right now.

Full line of tube mill production machine ,which inclues: Decoiler- Branding- Forming-Welding-Grinding-Sizing-Straightening-Cutting-Unloading, tube mill machine can meet different application : furniture industry: steel table, steel chair, steel bed tubes ,steel towel racks; construction industry: steel guardrail, steel door ,stair handrail, steel windows ,curtain rail, fence ,chimney. and public facility industry: flagpoles, outdoor sports equipment, bus and metro handrails.

Our service advantages including :

1. Installation and Training: We can provide our engineer for installing the machine upon negotiation.

Besides, we can help you to find a Chinese skilled people as your workers, so he can help you to carry out this project.

2. Packing: As per the export standard packing, safety for transportation by container.

3. Guarantee time: 1 year

5. Quality: 100% brand new and according to the buyer's requirement.

tube mill machine

If you want to know more stainless steel tube mill equipment, welcome to contact with us no matter any time.




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