Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine: Industrial VS Decorative

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Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine: Industrial VS Decorative

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Why is the industrial pipe making machine more expensive than the decorative? The industrial pipe is thicker in thickness, therefore, the requirements of the pipe machine are relatively high. 

The difference of industrial stainless steel pipe making machine:

1.Shorten time: new roller bearing, easy installation, fixed mold position;

2.Archway, machine table top thickened: strong and durable;

3.Motor increase: to meet different user needs, the thickness of pipe is extended;

4.Turbine box variation: decorative specific speed:1:3, industrial specific speed:1:4/1:5;

5.Material change: the decorative pipe is made of cast iron, the industrial pipe is used for steel, the bearing force is better;

6.Cutting table: grinding wheel slice cutting, metal saw blade cutting, metal hydraulic cutting, band saw cutting.

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