List of machines used in production of pipes and steel mill

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If you want to make stainless steel pipe ,what kinds of machine do you need ,can you get the list of machines used in production of pipes and steel tube mill?

To produce stainless steel pipe machine ,not only used pipe making machine ,but also use pipe welding machine ,pipe cutting machine ,pipe polishing machine ,pipe embossing machine ,pipe facing machine, etc.

What kind of equipment do you need depends on what kind of stainless steel tube you choose to do.

If you want to know pipe making machine ,and we can tell you ,yxh is the professional manufacturer in 16 years .we will give you a plan .In order to send you offer, you can send us more information.

pipe making machine

1. what’s the material of pipe: stainless steel or carbon steel ?

2.pipe diameter and thickness? Min &max ?

3.what about the pipe application?

We will give you more suitable project. Don’t blindly choose, according to the actual ,to get what you want.

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