How much do you know stainless steel pipe production line

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    Invest what? With a sum of money, have a certain understanding of the market, has been reluctant to sell, because much of the stainless steel tube production line. Today YXH with you to understand a complete production line of stainless steel pipe form.

    Stainless steel pipe production line includes: decorative pipe machine, mainly used for the production of decorative pipes, staircase railing, furniture pipes, doors and windows, rails, etc.


    For decorative pipe machine, you need to be installed on the pipe welding machine for pipe welding. And then ,you need to install the cutting machine in the pipe making machine. Cutting Machine have different types ,according to your actul situation rational choice.


    In addition to pipe machine, pipe polishing machine is used for polishing decorative pipes. Pipe production, brightness is not enough ,can not meet the market demand ,so you need for pipe polishing  treatment.


    Generally speaking , polishing machine divided into two kinds, round pipe polishing machine and square pipe polishing machine, and two polishing machine can polish round and square pipes .


    In addition to the above equipment ,but also according to your actual situation to choose the necessary equipment, if you are still worried about how machine do you need to choose ,YXH will give you more professional advice .

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