YXH tube mill manufacturer 2017 Annual meeting

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In the busy and fulfilling work ,YXH welcome the annual meeting of the company in 2017.Farewell to obtain the success in 2016, we ushered in the hope and challenge in 2017,to advance to our customers and clients to pay New Year’s call thanks to the trust and support of the height of YXH tube mill factory .YXH hope that we are getting better and better in 2017.

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Over the past year, the ministry of foreign trade company performance increased drastically by twice or even three times. Our customers from India ,Bangladesh ,Pakistan ,Russia ,Vietnam and other Asian ,European and African countries.

The rapid growth of the business can not be separated from the trust of our customers ,why in many of the tube mill manufacturing enterprises, customers will choose YXH ? we not only to provide customers suitable tube mill machine ,but only can timely solve customers problems.

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Which in time delivery, customers need to add small parts ,after the communication ,we express quickly spare parts to the hands of customers ,to solve customer problems.

Customers trust YXH ,is the responsibility ,but also the mission ,we have the ability to create greater value for customers, the new year, we hope to grow together with customers and common progress.

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