Stainless steel pipe Polishing machine operation procedures

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    DO you know the stainless steel pipe polishing machine operation procedures ? YXH will let you know more about pipe polishing machine details. After you use the pipe polishing machine ,you must do something:

    1.check the process on the product may produce quality problems; the plate, clarinet ,peeling ; pipe sequence ,black line pipe ,leakage serious welding etc, you must inform master polishing processing ;

    2.each class to ensure effective external cleaning equipment ,and related clean record.

    3.Before going to work, ready to grasp the machine is presented with the situation in a timely manner to coordinate to ensure normal production .Note electricity open it or not, the Multi-leaf wheel, Hemp wheel, Cloth hemp wheel, cloth wheel wind is normal.

Stainless  steel pipe Polishing machine operation procedures

    4.Before starting, according to the requirements of lubrication to the need to refill the part of the lubricating oil injection of different lubricants.

    5.Check whether the electric switch in 0, then open the power supply.

    6.Check the mechanical parts is normal ,if there are any abnormal phenomenon ,should check out in time ,lest cause equipment accident.

    Know more about pipe polishing machine detail to efficiently use it.