Polishing effects of the YXH pipe polishing machine

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Polishing effects of the YXH pipe polishing machine


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    In the world, there are many things we don't understand. Maybe we know only a fraction. And for the stainless steel pipe polishing machine, how many do you know? For me , only to learn continuously, that to know more.


    Now, let’s to learn about the polishing effects of the pipe polishing machine. Generally speaking, there are five kinds of polishing machine. But commonly used polishing effect is only three: Mirror Polishing, Sand Polishing, Matte Polishing.


    Mirror Polishing: Directly depends on the level of finish, bright and clean as a mirror;


    Sand Polishing: Makes the surface smooth and at the same time increase the strength of surface, thickness is uniform;


    Matte Polishing: Glossy refraction degree is low, the light above hit will not reflect the light.


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