How to maintain the steel tube mill machine

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Not only people need to maintenance ,but also tube mill machine, Do you know how to maintain steel tube mill machine ?YXH will tell you some skills.

Stents and bearing need to check and make sure that bearing bracket fastening ,for smooth operation ,twice a day. Drive the connecting shaft, visual check whether connection is reliable ,stable running ,twice a day, joint filling of lubricating oil ,once a month. The turbine, visual check whether the lubricating oil in place, once a moth.

And then the gearbox, visual check working normally, once a day ,once a month ,check the lubrication and oil filling .Water supply, gas supply, Visual check the flow and pressure is normal ,whether the leak leakage ,twice a day.

steel tube mill machine

Last but not least , Electrical and pipe welding machine ,visual check voltage, current , numerical, buttons and running state ,twice a day ,welding machine and the motor dust cleaning , once a month. Grinding and cutting machine , visual check the motor running condition ,belt firmness ,voice ,twice a day.

For the important , pipe roller ,visual inspection operation status, presence of wear and tear ,cooling is in place ,six times a day. If you want to know more detail ,contact with us .

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