Tube Mill Daily Maintenance Checklist

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Tube Mill Daily Maintenance Checklist

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Maintenance Guide
No. Maintenance Project Method & Period
1 Stands,shafts Visual inspection, bracket fastening, bearing smooth operation; Twice daily.
2 Drive the connecting shaft Connection is reliable and stable running; Twice daily; Filling Lubricants, once a month.
3 Turbine Check whether the lubricant is in place, once a month .
4 Gearbox Check the lubrication and oil filling, once a month .
5 Water & Gas Check whether the flow and pressure is normal, whether leak leakage; Twice daily.
6 Electric appliance& Welded machine Check the voltage current numerical, buttons and running state,twice daily. Welding machine and motor dust cleaning, once a month .
7 Grinding machine & Cutting machine Check the motor running condition, belt firmness, voice, twice daily.
8 Mould Check the running status, presence of wear and tear, cooling is in place, Six times a day.
9 Air cylinder Check the running status, presence of air leakage, wear and tear, twice daily.
10 Equipment & Environmental health Wash the equipment surface pollution and dust, once a day; Cleaned around health equipment, tools and bad product, once a day; Cleaning machine water tank with water pollution,once a week.
State: Mould is one of the important fittings pipe. After the mould offline cleaned by diesel. Move to the designated mold frame, inspected, identified.

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