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Cheap or Expensive ?the price of YXH Rollers of stainless steel pipe mill


Cheap or Expensive ?the price of YXH Rollers of stainless steel pipe mill

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The Roll Sets will be installed on pipe making machine/tube mill to make stainless steel/carbon steel/iron/galvanized pipes.They are with high precision, high durability and long service life, to reduce marking scratch on pipe surface. What’s more, we also customized the Roll Sets for you.

Everything have their price tags, which are cheap, expensive, and priceless. And you will choose which one? An expensive good isn’t mean it is the best one, but it isn’t the bad one. As the proverb said: you got what you paid for.

More customers are care about the price of YXH rollers of stainless steel pipe mill, they always said the price is more expensive than other companies. But we can promise that our rollers quality absolutely make you satisfied. In order to show you the reasons, we have a table to compare with other companies:

Difference between YXH Pipe Rollers and other companies’ Rollers



Other Companies

Raw material

Cr12Mov, SKD11/D2


Design software

COPRA Germany Design software for cold roller forming design

Common software: CAD

or No


US CNC Machining Center: HURCO

Common CNC lathe

Hear treatment

Vacuum Gas Quenching and Subzero Heat Treatment

Vacuum Oil Quenching




Tolerance Range


Flatness: +/-0.04


Flatness: +/-0.04

Useful life



That’s why YXH Rollers are more expensive than other companies. What’s more, used our rollers to produce stainless steel pipes, are with less marking.

Choose YXH to be equivalent to choose Good Quality.