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Coil Slitting Machine/Slitting Line Introduction


Coil Slitting Machine/Slitting Line Introduction

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Coil slitting machine , suitable for processing of cold rolled and hot rolled carbon steel stainless steel and the surface of all kinds of metal plate after plating.

The slitting machine cuts the strip into several required specifications. The base of the strip is welded by section steel and steel plate, and is qualitatively processed.

Slitting machine is a device for longitudinal cutting of wide roll materials. So this term is used in various industries, and we can understand it from the scope of use.

  1. Used for slitting paper types. This is also the mainstream product in the current packaging equipment, which is often seen in the packaging market.

  2. Used in the industries that are required for slitting leather, cloth, plastic, film, etc.

  3. Used for slitting metal coils, such as slit strip steel, stainless steel, copper...It is mainly used for steel processing plants, steel market operators, rolling manufacturers, electrical appliances, automobiles, stamping parts, etc.

The slitting machine of our company is mainly suitable for slitting metal coils. It is mainly composed of: loading trolley, uncoiler, leveling machine, slitting machine, scrap edge winder, tensioner, winder, unloading device, etc.

Slitting machine structure diagram:

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