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Cut to length line/machine introduction


Cut to length line/machine introduction

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Cut to length line, all components through specical treating, main bearing from NSK, SKF,other main parts prcessed by CNC center

Cut to length line is a machine that uses one blade to reciprocate linear motion relative to the other blade to cut the plate. By means of a moving upper blade and a fixed lower blade, a reasonable blade gap is used to apply shearing force to metal plates of various thicknesses, so that the plates can be broken and separated according to the required size. The shearing machine is a kind of forging machinery, and its main function is the metal processing industry. Shearing machine is a kind of shearing equipment widely used in machining. It can cut steel plate materials of various thicknesses. Commonly used shears are divided into three types: flat shear, rolling shear and vibration shear. The products are widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries to provide special machinery and complete sets of equipment required.

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