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Happy birthday to YXH colleagues - China tube mill manufacturer


Happy birthday to YXH colleagues - China tube mill manufacturer

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Octoberisaverygoodmonth,becauseit’snotonlyournationaldayinthismonth,butalsomanyYXHstaffsareborninOctober.  On28October,astheprofessional Chinatubemillmanufacturer,inordertogiveYXHstaffswho’sbirthdayin

  October is a very good month, because it’s not only our national day in this month, but also many YXH staffs are born in October.

    On 28 October, as the professional China tube mill manufacturer, in order to give YXH staffs who’s birthday in this month  a surprise ,Foshan YXH Tube mill & mould co.,ltd specially plan to hold a birthday party. At the party , YXH not only prepared a nice cake ,but also give everybody a pretty gift . all the people sing the birthday song to bless longevities. And the longevities is permeated with a smile on there face.

YXH China tube mill manufacturer birthday party

   At the last, let’s celebrate the birthday people  being Happy every day



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