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How to maintain the steel pipe welding machine


How to maintain the steel pipe welding machine

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Asweknow,equipmentmaintenanceisimportanttoproduction.then,Let'stalkabouthowtomaintainstainless steelpipeweldingmachines.1.Oftencheckonthefueltankoillevel,oillevelshallnotbelessthanthespecifiedvalue.2.

As we know, equipment maintenance is important to production. then, Let's talk about how to maintain stainless steel pipe welding machines.

1.Often check on the fuel tank oil level, oil level shall not be less than the specified value.

2. If oil filter blocked by dirt, must change in time.

3.When fill up with gas in the fuel tank, it is necessary to filter, oil can not be mixed with water, rust, scrap metal, fiber impurities, etc.

4.All knobs of the  hydraulic pump station  should no be  touched by  non-operator.

5.Often observe whether the supply voltage is normal, and have to check every 3 months.

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The correct maintain of the steel welded pipe machines plays a positive role in  the use of the equipment, It can increase efficiency and the service life.



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