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How to make good quality ss pipes/tubes?


How to make good quality ss pipes/tubes?

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How to make good quality ss pipes/tubes?

SS Tube mill machine: How to make good quality ss pipes/tubes?

ss tube/pipe

This is very good questions and many people also want to know; Let me share some of my experience;

Actually, if we talk about the pipe/tube quality; Let’s make clear what’s the standard of good quality pipe/tube;

Many people producing decorative pipe/tube in the world now; Let’s talk about decortaive pipe/tube;

ss tube mill-pipe forming

For decorative pipe/tube, people mainly care about 3 points:

 1. whether the pipe/tube shinning or not

 2. whether the pipe/tube shape prefect or not; for round, have good roundness or not; for square and rectangular, have sharp corner or not;

 3. whether the pipe/tube straight or not

Pls remember, the roll set quality is the most important; such as, roll set material, roll set design, roll set precision; Secondly is the tube mill machine;

ss pipe mill mould

If the roll set material is not good, from induction material, the pipe/tube will have marking or scratches; if the pipe/tube have marking on it, it is difficult to polishing very shinning quality;

ss tube mill machine

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