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How to solve the problem of rust on square tube polishing machine?


How to solve the problem of rust on square tube polishing machine?

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Our Square Pipe Polishing Machine is mainly used for polishing the surface of oval pipes, square pipe and rectangle pipes, covering range from 10*10mm to 100*100mm.

Once there are rust spots on the shell of the square tube polishing machine, if it is not treated in time, the shell will become very ugly after the trust time is not long, and there will even be confusion about paint peeling and large areas of rust.

So how to maintain the square tube polishing machine shell from rust, even small areas of rust spots do not exist, it has always been our most caring work. The most useful and very important task is to ensure that the square tube polishing machine is boring in the workplace Sex. There is no excessive moisture and humid water vapor. If the environmental humidity is relatively large, it is best to install an exhaust device or replace the office. Due to the moisture and oxygen in the air, it is directly related to the metal on the square tube polishing machine. The element touches, so it has an oxidation reaction, and there will be rust spots. No rust will be maintained.

The best way is to block square tube throwing.