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Metal slitting line: How much do you know?


Metal slitting line: How much do you know?

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Coil slitting machine , suitable for processing of cold rolled and hot rolled carbon steel stainless steel and the surface of all kinds of metal plate after plating.

The series production line is used to make the different kinds of metal rolled through the open coils and the slitting section of the series to be the required size.

The production line is equipped: feeding the small car, uncoiler, slitting machine, scrap edge winding machine, tension station, winding machine, unloading the car.

The longitudinal shear unit can process the most thinness of 0.2 mm the result of 100mm. The processing materials include various kinds of metal bands, such as copper aluminum stainless steel, non-crystal strip, etc. Production line speed can reach 150m/min.

The features of metal slitting line:

  1. The design structure of the whole machine is reasonable and the compact precision, is high efficient and flexible and convenient.

  2. The frame is welded for steel plate and annealed, processed by nc machining center, which ensures high precision.

  3. The manufacturing process of the whole machine is strictly manufactured according to the design standard of machinery.

  4. Long service life.

  5. Whole line PLC control, touch screen display and operation, high automation.

Our metal slitting line have different design and data, customized se