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Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co., Ltd, founded in 2007, As a manufacturers and exporters for 13 years. YXH company manufactures a series of quality products, including Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine, Tube Mill, Pipe Rollers, Moulds, ERW Pipe Mill, Round Pipe Polishing Machine, Square Pipe Polishing Machine,etc. Its products have been widely used in multiple well-known stainless steel enterprises, and won wide recognition and good reputation.

Stainless steel pipe machines also called tube mills many countries are manufacturing stainless steel tube machines, before discussing it, we will understand basic knowledge of stainless steel machine, there are many parts in stainless steel machine first is de-coiler where we place the steel coil normally the average weight 1 ton then the stamping part comes where machine stamp the name of company, after it there is forming section of machine where rolls give starting  shape from coil to stainless steel pipe, after forming section pipe need welding so there is a welding section, after welding section there is grinding section where machine removes welding marks from the pipe surface and give it to clean & excellent shape, now pipe move to striating and seizing section also called trucking head section at this stage machine striating the pipe very closely and the last section cutting called cutting section, in which pipe has completed, but still we cannot say it complete procedure of stainless steel pipe until it get polished by polishing machine.

As we mentioned that there are many countries who have been manufacturing stainless steel tube machine such as China, India, Germany, Italy etc. but there are also big difference in  technology between these countries, if somebody want to have succeed in this industry he need to be updated in technology of machine, because fully automatic and updated machine always having good quality of pipes and very less costing of pipes, Chinese tube mill companies are leading the market in this sector, in these companies.FOSHAN YXH TUBE MILL & MOULD COMPANY providing fully updated of technology of tube mill.