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Slitting Line Manufacturers: Slit the Coil


Slitting Line Manufacturers: Slit the Coil

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Slitting machine,suitable for processing of cold rolled and hot rolled carbon steel stainless steel and the surface of all kinds of metal plate after plating.

The Slitting Line equipment is a production line consisting of a loading trolley, uncoiling, feeding, disc blade slitting machine, damping pre-separation, winding unit, unloading trolley, control system, etc. The main function is to use a wider roll of gold. The length direction is cut into multiple strips of the same width. Prepare blanks for rolling, punching, cold forming, stamping and other processes. By adjusting the distance between the upper and lower knife shafts to adapt to different thicknesses of plates; replacing the blade spacers and spacers of different specifications, it can be cut into strips of different widths.

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