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Square Tube Forming Machine-Mechanical structure


Square Tube Forming Machine-Mechanical structure

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Square Tube Forming Machine: can make steel pipe with diameter 6 mm-325 mm.

Square Tube Forming Machine-Mechanical structure

Uncoiler - Forming Section-Welding Section-Grinding Section-Sizing & Straightening Section-Cutting Section-Unloading rack


We Have two type of uncoiler.One side and two side type.One size type can carry 3 tons of steel coil;two side type,each side can carry 1.5 tons of steel coil.

Forming Section

Pass the logo printing device.The steel coil will be driven by roll sets.Slowly form into round shape.

Welding Section

The pipe seam will be welded in this part.Depend on your need, we can offer different TIG welding, such as argon welding ,ultrasonic ,plasma welding .

Grinding Section

Grind to smooth the outside weld seam.Depend on your need, we can offer Maunal grinding heads,Automatic grinding heads,PLC control full automatic grinding heads.

Sizing & Straightening Section

In this section,will fix the pipe shape and make the pipe more straight ,there will be no deformation. Turk head can change the shape of pipes, like square ,rectangle pipe

Cutting Section

In this part,pipe will be cut to setting length.We can provide metal saw cutter,Friction cutter,Oblique cutting.

Unloading rack

Use for contain the finished pipes.