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Structure of tube mill


Structure of tube mill

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Structure of tube mill

Tube Mill: The following figure is the production process of stainless steel pipe making machine to produce stainless steel pipe.

Next, let's briefly explain: install the required stainless steel strips to the decoiler.The strip then passes through the forming section, where the die extrudes the strip into a circular shape. The formed strip is welded through the welding section,after welding, the steel pipe will come to the grinding section, where the weld seam on the surface of the steel pipe will be polished by the thousand impeller to make the weld seam smoother. After grinding, the steel pipe will come to the sizing& Straightening section, where the main purpose is to make the steel pipe more roundness. And that steel pipe will come to cutting part, after cutting according to the required length, the steel pipe is collected by the unloading rack.

The above is the production process of steel pipes, if you are interested in our pipe making machine, please contact us.

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