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The creative innovation of YXH ss pipe polishing machine


The creative innovation of YXH ss pipe polishing machine

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NO.OlddesignNewdesign1Motorontop:4KWX 10PCSMainmotor:2.2KWcommononeMotorontop:7.5KWX5PCS+5.5KWX3PCSMainmotor:3KW Frequencyconversionmotor  Gearreducer2  PolishingWheelshaft:120-150mmPolishingWheelshaf


Old design

New design


ss pipe polishing machine

Motor on top: 4KW X  10 PCS

Main motor: 2.2KW common one

Motor on top: 7.5KW X 5 PCS + 5.5KW X 3PCS

Main motor: 3KW Frequency conversion motor  Gear reducer



 Polishing Wheel shaft: 120-150mm

Polishing Wheel shaft: 300mm;

Now, the shaft is 300mm, you can install more polishing material, so that speed is faster, polishing effect is better. For old design machine, machine is up to 20-30 m/min, for new machine, speed can up to 40-50 m/min. In a word: new design machine is like two set of old deisgn.


Machine base: Open design, while polishing, dust will run everywhere in the factory, it is not good for factory environment and worker’s health.

Machine: close design, while polishing, dust will connected by some boxes(yellow gate) inside machine, factory will be more clean.


Dust collecting system: no

Dust collecting system: it have.


Emergency stop: don’t have; While something happen, it can not stop machine immediately.

Emergency stop: have two button, while something happen, it can stop the machine immediately.


Machine weight:3.8T~4T

Machine weight:5.5T




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