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Tube Mill Manufacturer: What is tube mill?


Tube Mill Manufacturer: What is tube mill?

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Tube Mill Manufacturer : A whole line tube mill introduction :uncoiler, forming section, welding section, grinding section, sizing section,cutter, run out of table

Today I introduce the tube mill for you .

this tube mill you can see ,first, it’s uncoiler, and then forming section, welding section, and the grinding section, sizing section,cutter, run out of table, this is the whole line for tube mill.

And here, this is horizontal stand, vertical stand, 1 2 3 4 horizontal stand, and then is the also horizontal stand 1 2 3 4 pieces, this is 4 4 arrangement.

And then is the welding section,our machine is w forming, in the welding section we will weld the pipe.

After the welding, it’s the grinding section,  this grinding is full automatic, no need the worker stand here to operate , the flap wheel will up and down automatic as the condition.

And then is the sizing section, sizing section can make the pipe more roundness.

And then is the Turkey Head ,Turkey Head can make the round pipe to the square pipe, round pipe to the rectangle pipe.

And then is the cutter, this is the metal saw cutter, the pipe after the metal saw cutter , end of the pipe the burr without the burr. It’s very smooth.

If you choose the abrasive cutter, will end of the pipe will some burr here, so customer can choose the cutter, metal saw cutter or abrasive cutter.

And then is the run out of table.