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Tube Mill Manufacturer in India: YXH Company service team


Tube Mill Manufacturer in India: YXH Company service team

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YXH company manufactures a series of quality products, including Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine, Tube Mill, Pipe Rollers, Moulds, ERW Pipe Mill, Round Pipe Polishing Machine, Square Pipe Polishing Machine, End Milling Machine, Bead Rolling Machine, High Efficiency Intelligent Fixing Fusing & Annealing Equipment, etc. Its products have been widely used in multiple well-known stainless steel enterprises, and won wide recognition and good reputation.

In order to let customers know more about our company, today we briefly introduce the company’s service team.

Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co., Ltd, founded in 2001, As a manufacturers and exporters for 19 years. We have a high-quality team, 15 persons of foreign service team;Professional Engineer with 25 years experience of adjusting machines;Professional design term with 20 years design experience. We also have 3 indian staffs who can speak Hindi.

We are happy to serve you, welcome to consult our products: pipe making machines, polishing machines, molds and other supporting equipment.

Email: fsyxh10@tubemakingmachine.com

Phone/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 18818745372