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Tube mill manufacturer in India


Tube mill manufacturer in India

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Foshan YXH have offices in India, which can provide convenient and efficient service. Our first office set up in 2016, is located in Ahmedabad, India. Our second office and workshop set up in 2019, is located in Hisar, Haryana,India.

With the invention of tube mill between 1887 to 1889 in Germany there have been many changes in manufacturing and design of tube mills. Generally, there are two processes which are followed to make tubes, one is called seamless pipe and other one is welded pipe. Seamless pipe are used in industries which require tube to withstand high pressure for ex. Oil pipe lines, high pressure gas delivery etc. welded pipe are used in general in decorative purpose, low pressure transport, liquid transportation etc. seamless pipe are made from billet whereas welded pipes are made coils. There are many tube mill manufacturer in India who make tube mill for both seamless and welded pipes like  GMT industries limited. 

YXH based in Foshan, China manufactures machines to produce welded pipe. There are different tube mills for different thickness and OD to suit most of the clients requirement. Broadly the tube mills are differentiated into decorative and industrial pipes machine, in decorative pipe manufacturing machine starts with ZG30 to ZG100 while in industrial pipe machine there are two series one GY range another is GG range. Each machine is designed for different pipe thickness and pipe diameter so as to cover almost all characteristic of pipe requirement by client.