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Tubes Mill : How to make square steel tubes?


Tubes Mill : How to make square steel tubes?

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Tube Mill Machine - Turkey Head can make round pipe to square pipe/rectangle pipe/oval pipe.

How to make square steel tubes? First of all, we need to know what is the size of the square tubes you want to produce? Secondly, has your factory purchased a tubes mill? Is the tube mill machine equipped with turkey heads?

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Why ask these questions? Mainly because the square tube is deformed by the round tube. The front end of the tube mill is a round pipe forming, and it begins to deform at the Turkey heads. If you want to produce 40*40mm square tube, then this size square tube is deformed by 50.8mm round tube.

So if you have purchased a tube mill, and the tube mill machine is equipped with a turkey head, then if you want to produce square pipes, just install the corresponding mold to the turkey head.

tube mill turkey head

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