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What are the characteristics of industrial Steel Pipe Production Machine?


What are the characteristics of industrial Steel Pipe Production Machine?

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Industrial pipe production line can make stainless steel and carbon steel pipes, with diameter 12.7mm-325mm, thickness 0.3mm-8mm. The finished pipe used for industrial areas,sush as water pipe, air conditioner, auto exhaust, sanitary pipe applicance, sending liquid etc.


Whenever we introduce our pipe machines to our customers, customers always ask why they choose our pipe making machine? The customer will also ask, what advantage does your pipe production machine have?

At this time, we will always introduce the characteristics of our steel pipe machine:

  1. Vertical support synchronous device and digital table: convenient debugging machine;

  2. Double welding torch: fast production speed with proper welding system;

  3. Automatic & Hydraulic grinding section: polish automatically, control grinding accurately;

  4. Hydraulic cold saw cutter: hydraulic metal cutting machine, improve the quality of tube ends, without burr.

YXH Tube Mill, is your smart choice!


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