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What is the most important performance when choosing a round tube polishing machine?


What is the most important performance when choosing a round tube polishing machine?

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Our Round Pipe Tube Polishing Machine is mainly used for polishing the surface of round pipes, covering range from 8mm to 480mm.

The round tube polishing machine is dedicated to rubbing the appearance of the object and making the machine lubrication object. The tube polishing machine has the following important attributes:

1. Tube polishing machine is suitable for various metal and non-metal workpiece polishing, fine grinding, grinding to remove burrs, flash lamp grinding and polishing, grinding, such as appearance to improve surface roughness.

2. Handling shape debris, especially small, thin, easy to deform on the grinder, can not accept the large mechanical pressure thin arm, narrow the gap, chip part polishing problems. The precision of the balance and precision of the workpiece and shape precision and other precision of the original adhere to the same or a small improvement. Compared with the functions of the polishing machine.

3 After our tube polishing machine, the fine grinding and polishing of the workpiece is a bright mirror. The appearance and feeling have reached or exceeded the level of similar foreign products, showing the effect of ordinary grinding.

Tube polishing machine and processing produces a large number of small and medium-sized bars. His power is other traditional polishing machines several times, several times, and sometimes even a hundred times, which will increase economic benefits.