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YXH Company Activity: Q2nd Birthday Party


YXH Company Activity: Q2nd Birthday Party

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YXH Company Activity: Q2nd Birthday Party

A total of 22 colleagues participated in the second quarter birthday party. The company specially customized exquisite birthday cakes for the 22 birthday stars, and also carefully prepared special commemorative birthday gifts for them.

On the eve of the birthday party, the small partners of the personnel department began to get busy in the training room, placing birthday cakes and snacks on the table. Colleagues came to the training room with joy, and the atmosphere was very warm.

YXH's quarterly birthday party for colleagues lasts about an hour before and after. The process is simple but meaningful. It is not only the expression of the company's humanistic care for employees, but also the corporate culture of the company's humanized management.

In order to create a harmonious and beautiful office atmosphere, enhance the feelings and friendship between colleagues, and improve the cohesion of the team, the company has always been committed to the construction of corporate culture.

The holding of YXH's birthday party is conducive to enhancing the communication and understanding between various departments and teams, and is of great significance to building a harmonious, united and enterprising team.