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YXH Steel Pipe Making Machine Manufacturer:Introduce the new configuration of the tube machine


YXH Steel Pipe Making Machine Manufacturer:Introduce the new configuration of the tube machine

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Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co.,Ltd offer different Steel Pipe Making Machine, covering range from 6mm to 325mm. (0.24''to12.7''pipe diameter), and thickness is 0.2mm to 6.0mm. The pipe production machine mainly produces stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe. And this pipe manufacturing machine not only can make round pipe, square pipe, rectangle pipe, oval pipe and other irregular pipe as well.

Today we will introduce the latest configuration of the YXH Steel pipe making machine.

1.4-4-1-4 arrangement: The forming effect is better, the weld seam quality is better, the production speed is faster;

2Thicker stand & shaft :stronger tube mill, operates is more stably,and good for making thicker tubes.

3.Needle Bearings in operation side Horizontal Stand: it is easy to change and adjust roll sets, will take roughly 40minutes to change full set roll sets.

4.Vertical linkage adjuster: Both sides of the shaft can be controlled to rise and fall at the same time, which is convenient for adjusting the mold.

5.Double Motors: Operation is even more stability.

6.industrial gearbox: machine more powerful, good for making thicker tubes.

7.Totally enclosed automatic Grinding head: Polishing Heads: Totally enclosed automatic Grinding head, in automatically pressing down polishing system by electric motor, one engineer can operate 5 set tube mill. Totally Enclosed box with grinding head can make grinding section cleaner.

8.Metal Saw Cutter: Less burr in the end of the pipe.

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